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Time Squad [Part 2] Time Squad [Part 2]

Rated 5 / 5 stars


How about rather than stating a line from the movie or a three line review that will be quickly forgotten like every other reviewer here I say something constructive. I hope that my review is not labeled usless because I put effort into it.
It is a good movie, as I am sure you know from the constant tens you seems to be getting. I congragulate you on the succesful flash that is Blockhead as well. I do have a few critiques, and though it is clearly too late for you to change anything I will state them anyway.
Cliche. You've heard it before and your going to hear it again. This movie is practically bursting at the seams with cliches. The cyborg sacrificing himself, a group of people from different times, need I go on? Though cliched and overused as some of the ideas in this film may be, the quality of it prevailed none the less.
This film is very serious and while I do believe it is good to experiment with ideas I do not believe that this is the type of thing Blockhead would get involved in. I appreciate how no one pays attention to Blockhead as he does pointless things but I think had this really happened to Blockhead his antics would have gotten him in more trouble by now and more random stuff would have occured. Still though I know the series has continued and I'm glad, but maybe next time you start a new series with Blockhead you could grant him the ability to be his old self.
Just thought I'd switch up the type of reviews you continue to get for this series. Keep up the good work.

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loneliness and sad loneliness and sad

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Amazing. Simply amazing.

This movie was amazing. You captured the emotion of sadness perfectly. Everything was just done so brilliantly there are no real critiques I can give. There is only one thing I think that can be better, the title. It just doesn't do it justice. It is inefficiant to portray it as the thing of beauty it is. If you do want to stick with something simillar to the title you have, my suggestion is at least change it to "Lonely and Sad". It is still pretty much straight forward, it just sounds alot better. Another good suggestion might be "Melancholy" since you said that was what it was. Other Ideas may include "Life in black and white" or "Life in slow motion." I dont know Im just spitballin here. Anyway the title is the only thing I think needs improvement. Overall the film was done brilliantly.

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Clay Wolf 2:The Wolf Clay Wolf 2:The Wolf

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Uh..yeah..about this..

I know it takes alot of work to make claymations however this really needs work.

Here are some main things: The sound recording was bad, you couldn't hear anything all to well. And even the things you could hear were done with bad voice acting. One kid was sniffling the whole time, people stuttered, paused, and interrupted eachother. The combination of the bad sound and voice acting made it pretty hard to listen to. As to the visual aspects of the film, it looks as if you need a new camera. The lighting could also be better. I can tell there was some sort of plot to this, but it is hard to make out with all the things that went wrong. Bottom line is it needs work. After watching some of the other episodes I would say that for the rest of the series as well.

I could tell you tried. And maybe you were just doing it for fun. But honestly unless alot of improvement goes into it it is not worth viewing.

Wriggle responds:

Bleh, this is to old. Watch one that's newer!

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Alien Slayer 3D Alien Slayer 3D

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Overall it is a good game and concept. However, because the controls and aim are far from good that brought what could have been a ten down. Another problem is that if you continue shooting and moving your aim for too long consecutively, the game becomes slow to react. I ended up backed up against a wall mauled by monsters, all because the game slowed and the aim did little to help me out. Maybe it would have been better if I had chosen the dumbed down graphics, but that gets rid of one of the sole reasons I played the game in the first place. Other things you might consider are more weapons, different objectives, and larger shooting range for the guns.

I know you probably put alot of effort in it, and dont get me wrong the game is not bad, but if you are going to go this far with a game you might as well go all the way by fixing the few things wrong with it. But overall, good job.

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Simple Serenade Simple Serenade

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Though I hate to praise you...

Well Corey I'd say youve outdone yourself if not for the solos you have created during practice. Speaking of which why don't you record some of them as well. From your band member. You can probably guess which one. Tong Attack!

MusicMyOxygen responds:

Ok.. As I said before though this account will likely be a host to my classical ventures, rather than others. Thank you for your opinion.

Unattainable Freedom Unattainable Freedom

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I continually find myself listening to more and more classical music. Songs like this are why.

You create something like this when you are simply bored? I cant imagine what you might create because you were inspired. You make it seem so easy to create brilliant music. Anyhow, I like the story you have to go along with it, the music really tells it well. I mean I had the message of sadness and yearning down but that, that really explains the piece. I also enjoyed the bass that accompianied the piano, now that I've heard it i can't imagine the song without it.

It is an amazing song. 10/10

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BlazingDragon responds:

I find lost myself in a perpetual state of boredom lately. The only way to keep my sanity is through writing music, really. So in a way, my boredom is what creates inspirational. :P

Honestly, this song reflects the way I've been feeling lately. I have a huge yearning to travel and get out of the smallish town where I live. I feel so caged in here and want to move on to bigger things. And yet I'm stuck here for the time being, at least until I graduate high school. I want that "Unattainable Freedom", XD! I'm really glad you enjoyed the story! It was based on a review I got for this song, so the idea isn't completely mine. When I'm not composing, though, I like to write. :)

When I first wrote this it was going to be solo piano. When I listened to it, though, it just felt empty. I added the strings and bass, which I feel made a huge difference.

Thanks for the awesome review!

A Father's Tears A Father's Tears

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Not Bad For An Ambient Song

Look, ambient/trance/techno/electronic or any combination of them has never really been my thing. No offense to any who enjoy that music, but I am a rock addict at heart. However, this, this is not bad. With this song you have shown me not all of the many ambient/trance/techno/electronic songs that fill newground's airwaves are not as bad as I thought they were.

Twistedtechnology responds:

Well, coming from a die-hard rock fan I really appreciate your kind words!! I enjoy me some nice hard rock/heavy metal myself, so I can ,for the most part, understand why you generally dont like the electronic genre of music.

Which makes me appreciate your comment all the more XD

Im glad i could show you the better side of most ambient tracks here on NG!

Thanks a lot for your review!