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Complete redo!

2008-08-12 13:18:40 by MoreorLess

Ok so with the addition of our lead guitarists account on newgrounds I, the bassist, have decided to completely redo our bands space. The old sucky songs are going to get newly recorded and such as they are know. Look forward to bigger and better things!

HAHA at last

2008-06-17 22:34:34 by MoreorLess

OK so those last two song submissions sucked but they were old. Our band now consists of Jared Calhoun- bassist, Corey Brown- guitarist/singer, and Alex Jack- drummer/keybordist. So we will redo all those songs and maybe put them up cuz if we get a CD we kind of need to sell it. Heres one song though, not really rock, and pretty depressing but hopefully youll like it.

All this time, what has it been, a month? Sure seems like forever, of course these were our first audio contributions to Newgrounds, maybe it always takes that long.

I think I speak for both members of the band when I say these submissions on Newgrounds we have been long awaiting. And now that they are on there, I'm starting to regret it, needless to say they don't sound that grand (Especially The Call To Arms). Now before you all listen to them and slam them saying "These are pieces of crap" hear me out. Our band is currently lacking members, right now we are only two guitarists, myself filling the position of singer as well. I am not in anyway a computer wiz, my fellow guitarist (while more tech savy than I am) is not quite one either. We do not use music software, we have no way of getting sweet sounds, drums, or anything from a computer. Our current recording studio is a cheap mic hooked up to a computer, and needless to say we currently lack the money to get any better equipment. Considering all of this we did our best to make it sound as good as we possibly could make it. I can assure you we sound much better live, and I hope you will take my word for it. We might be able to get better recordings of these songs and others on Newgrounds, then again we may not.

Until then, we truly hope you will enjoy our music as it was the best we could submit given our lack of equipment as well as other things, and that you will see the potential I believe we have.

More Or Less